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Working as a therapist requires flexibility and an ability to connect with people from various walks of life. I have worked in other areas, including healthcare and applied sciences. I focused my mental health career starting in 1999.



M.S. Rehabilitation Counseling

Georgia State University,

Atlanta, Georgia

Rehabilitation Counseling is a specialized area of counseling aimed at assisting individuals when addressing vocational, counseling and recovery goals. This helps people address major life challenges, including the onset of disabilities, changes in daily functioning and the impact on one's life. I have had the privilege to work with individuals and groups with traumatic brain injury (TBI), severe and persistent mental illness (SPMI) and minors with severe emotional disturbance (SED).


Post-Master's Certificate in Marriage & Family Therapy.

St Mary's University of Minnesota

Minneapolis, Minnesota

This specialized continued training has been invaluable to help me learn and transition my work with couples, families and individuals through the lens of "systemic" therapy.

2020 - 2023

Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Training Program (PPTP), Minnesota Psychoalytic Society & Institute (MPSI), Minneapolis, Minnesota

Psychoanalytic psychotherapy permits working more in-depth, based on client goals. This is especially helpful in addressing life concerns that require greater therapist skill and experience.

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